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Buurtbudget Zuid | Buitenveldert, Zuidas

Neighbourhood Budget Buitenveldert, Zuidas

How would you spend € 155.000,- in Buitenveldert, Zuidas?

Do you have a good idea for your street or neighborhood? As a resident of Oud-Zuid, you can submit ideas and determine which plans and initiatives from the neighborhood are carried out!

Submit your plan

You can submit your plan or idea between 1 and 30 september.

How does it work?
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1. Town-hall meetings

The local council for Zuid will be holding a number of information sessions for residents. At these gatherings we will be answering any questions about the Zuid Neighbourhood Budget 2021 and helping interested residents find others to collaborate with.

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2. Submitting and liking plans

Everyone aged 18 and over can submit their plans between 1 and 30 September. Everybody will be able to “like” their favourite plans. Plans have to receive at least 75 likes in order to go on to the second round.

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3. Feasibility test

All plans that get at least 75 likes will be tested for feasibility by the Zuid local council. We will be looking to see whether the plan meets regulations and policies, and can be realised within the allotted budget. Feasible plans will make it to the final round.

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4. Divide € 300.000,- between the plans

Every local resident from the age of 10 will have a say in how the €155,000 will be divided between the selected plans. The outcome of the final round will be announced on 24 December.

Background information

As a local resident, you know what’s best for your neighbourhood. That’s why residents will be deciding how the money for the city’s neighbourhood budgets will be spent. You are invited to submit an idea on how to spend the money for your neighbourhood.

That way, you will help decide how to make your neighbourhood a more pleasant place to live. In Zuid District, the areas Oud-Zuid, De Pijp, Rivierenbuurt and Buitenveldert, Zuidas will each be receiving a budget of €155,000 for 2021. This money will pay for plans submitted by residents and local business owners. Submissions are open!


  • The project will improve the neighbourhood.
  • The project will benefit the neighbourhood and its residents.
  • The project will not have any negative effect on the other neighbourhoods in the area.
  • Projects can be realised by the City of Amsterdam, residents, a foundation, association or business.
  • The project plan fits within the available budget of € 155.000,-.
  • A plan must reach a minimum of 75 likes to be eligible for the feasibility test in the next round.
  • The project can be realised in 2022.
  • The project is not a part of and does not conflict with other projects the city is realising.
  • The neighbourhood budget will not be used to fund activities or events of a religious, commercial or political nature, nor those involving fundraising.

The city district will check the plans for feasibility. 

What are the feasibility criteria?

What happens after that?

If a plan gets enough likes (first round), and is feasible (second round), it will go on to the final round. During this round, residents will be able to vote on the proposed plans for their own area.

All the residents of district Zuid will receive a letter with a unique voting code. Voting will be online or by telephone. This code allows you to divide € 155,000,- over the plans you think are the best, by using this website. At the end of the voting period, we will announce the winning plans, which shall then be eligible to be realised.


1 September - 30 September

Submit plans

1 October - 10 October

Campaign and like plans

16 October - 3 December

Feasibility check of submitted plans with at least 75 likes

10 December - 22 December

Residents divide €155,000 between the plans

16 December 2021

Announcement of the winning plans


Would you like to find out more? Do you have any questions? 

Send an email to buurtbudgetzuid@amsterdam.nl or a WhatsApp (voice or text) message to 06 1481 4074.

You can also stop by the City Office at President Kennedylaan 923.

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